How To Potty Train A Boy

Tips for potty training boys
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If you’re in the midst of potty training, you’ve probably already heard tons of potty training tips. But, if you’re ready to say buh-bye to those diapers for good, let’s discuss a few gender-specific pointers.

Each gender is very distinct, right? So it’s important to differentiate potty training boys from potty training girls. Perhaps it’s that very distinction that will help take your son to the next level – going to the potty all on his own!

Best potty training tips for boys from experts & parents

When to Start Potty Training Boys
The key to potty training boys is starting when your son is ready, and able to. When you start to notice your cub has the right coordination to reach his own bottom and hold onto the toilet paper, it’s time!

If you can, try to teach him before he starts school. Pre-school and kindergarten teachers are unlikely to assist children in the bathroom. No one wants their son to come home uncomfortable and without a clean behind.

Get The Right Equipment

Sure, ideally your boy will learn how to pee standing up, but that probably will not happen immediately. Don’t worry, he’ll get there. To begin, let him start by sitting down on a comfy potty seat. (You can start with a freestanding potty and then move onto the toilet booster seat.) But make sure you get a potty without a urine guard. Though it can protect against splashes, it’s not great for boys, as it can hurt their private parts.

Also, use durable, quality toilet paper like Charmin Ultra Strong to keep his little hands clean when he’s learning to wipe. And you may want to keep flushable wipes, such as Charmin Flushable Wipes on hand in case he needs a little extra help during the learning process.

Make Potty Training a Game
Yay! Your big boy is now peeing standing up. BUT, he’s also not hitting his mark—leaving you to constantly wipe up pee from the floor, the wall, the shower curtain. Yeah, potty training boys can get messy. The solution? Target practice! Just throw some bright colored cereal into the bowl as part of the toilet training process and let the fun begin. This would be the best way to potty train a boy.

Best way to potty train a boy of 2 & 3 years old

Successful Potty Training Tips
Some of the best potty training techniques may lead you to the finish line, but how do you actually cross it—so that your son feels comfortable using the bathroom all by himself? Well, here’s where it’s time to simply hold yourself back. Start coming in less and less, perhaps just as a check-up to make sure he’s doing a good job (getting the pee in the toilet or wiping well after pooping). Eventually, just tell him to call you if he needs help and leave it to him. Of course, if accidents happen regularly you may need to revisit a few lessons, but sooner or later, he’ll be doing it all on his own!

Successful potty training wiping techniques for your toddler

Wipe Training For Boys
Teaching your son to wipe is one the most important steps to finish potty training. Potty training is just not complete without learning how to wipe. This stage, the overlooked stage, the “cleanest” stage, if you will, is a very important part of potty training boys.

Wipe Training Tips
We all know how messy our little ones can be, especially when they don’t wipe properly. It can lead to a ton of problems like skid marks in his underwear, or other health issues.** It’s important to properly teach kids to wipe themselves so they can avoid these issues and live a healthier life.

What you need
First and foremost, Charmin Ultra Strong. When potty training boys, you need some quality toilet paper. Charmin Ultra Strong will get him cleaner* and will make the job of getting clean, easier.

Next, always have Charmin Flushable Wipes by his side. It’s a little extra insurance that his little behind will be nothing but Charmin Clean!

Now let’s get into some tips on how to teach a child to wipe his behind!

How to teach your child to wipe properly
Wiping is a crucial part of staying clean. It's always important that he wipes until it is all gone. This will let him avoid problems like an irritated and itchy behind. Mom or Dad can do the first wipe, but have your son try and do the second, and third, and fourth, and you get the picture.

Potty training wiping techniques - helps your kid to wipe properly

Best Potty Training Ideas

Tip #1: Just the right amount of TP
Pull enough sheets to reach from your wrist to your elbow. After you have the right amount, have him fold the sheet to cover his palm so hands always stay clean.

Tip #2: A clean sheet means a clean behind
Always have them check the paper after wiping. If it is not white and clean, it’s time to wipe again. Grab some Charmin Ultra Strong and repeat step 1 until that TP is white and clean! After #2, especially for boys who get impatient about wiping till they are clean, Charmin Flushable Wipes can help him finish up. But still remember to check if the flushable wet wipe is clean before leaving the scene of the crime.

Tip #3: One last mirror check
Some kids find checking their cheeks in a mirror helpful to really make sure they are clean, which is always encouraged. If they’re all clean, you’re good to go. But not before you have him wash his hands with soap and warm water. Have the little guy sing the ABCs while he washes to make sure it’s been long enough.

If you want your son to follow along to these tips, print out our Wipe, Wiggle, and Wash eBook!

*vs. the leading bargain brand

**Disclaimer: We may be TP experts, but us bears are no health experts. This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions about a medical condition, if your symptoms persist, are more serious or are not related to cleanliness, please consult your doctor or other qualified health professional.