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BRB by Charmin

Enjoy The Go and no one will know!

Let your AI twin take care of your calls while you’re behind the scenes doing “business”.


The BRB Bot proto-type captures a range of reactions, then uses AI tech to listen and respond to your colleagues while you’re on the can.



Create your
AI doppelganger



Let BRB Bot step in
while you’re OOO



They handle business
until you’re done with
your "business"

Rollbot by Charmin

Never run out of toilet paper again. The Rollbot proto-type delivers a fresh roll to you on the bowl in your moment of need.


Experimental smell detector that remotely checks bathroom odors and sends you a notification when it’s safe to enter.

V.I.PEEE Porta-Potty Model

Premium porta-potty model with integrated VR so you never miss a thing while doing your thing at your next event.

Charmin Snapchat

Open Snapchat and scan to unlock a Charmin bear hug!