How To Potty Train A Girl

Tips for potty training girls
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Graduating from Potty training can take up to a year or longer, but it is all leading to the same clean result. It’s always worth it to see your daughter use her throne instead of her diaper. The process can get frustrating, especially when it comes to deciding when to potty train a girl. But if you’re ready to step back and let her do it all on her own, read on for some tips on how to potty train your princess.

Best way to potty train 2 & 3 years old girl

When to Start Potty Training a Girl
Knowing the right time to start teaching your toddler to potty train is key. When you start to notice your cub has the right coordination to reach her own bottom and hold onto the toilet paper, it’s time!

If you can, try to teach her before she starts school. Pre-school and kindergarten teachers are unlikely to assist children in the bathroom. No one wants their daughter to come home uncomfortable and without a clean behind.

Celebrate Your Child's Independence
This is how to potty train a girl fast. Many little ladies go through a period where they love frilly, sparkly, and very girly clothing. Whatever their preference, make it work in your favor by taking them shopping!

Tell your daughter that when she’s ready to say goodbye to her diapers, she can pick out fun underwear of her own. Make a big deal out of the shopping spree and let her choose whichever undies appeal to her girly or whimsical taste. She’ll be eager to trade in her diapers for the new self-chosen undergarments, which will serve as motivation to finally let go of the pull-ups.

Potty Training Games
Don’t forget to infuse fun into potty training girls. Let your daughter decorate her potty with stickers, make sure she has her favorite picture books handy while she’s sitting on her throne—in fact, if, like many girls, she’s into princesses, you could let the potty actually be her throne and have her wear a crown every time she sits on it. Get creative! You could even entertain her with toilet paper crafts—check out some fun ideas we’ve put together here.

Wipe training tips for girls

Wipe Training For Girls
We all know how messy our little ones can be, especially when they don’t wipe properly from front to back. It can lead to a ton of problems like skid marks in her underwear, or more serious health issues** like a UTI. It’s important to properly teach girls to wipe themselves so they can avoid these issues and live a healthier life. Potty training is just not complete without learning how to wipe. This stage, the overlooked stage, the “cleanest” stage, if you will, is a very important part of potty training girls.

What you need
First and foremost, Charmin Ultra Strong. When potty training girls, you need some quality toilet paper. Charmin Ultra Strong will get her cleaner*, and will make the job of getting clean, easier.

Next, always have Charmin Freshmates flushable wipes by her side. It’s a little extra insurance that her little behind will be nothing but Charmin Clean!

Now let’s get into some tips on how to teach a child to wipe!

How to teach your child to wipe
Wiping is an important part of staying clean. Girls especially are susceptible to specific issues like irritation on sensitive skin and UTIs. That’s why it’s important that she’s wiping front to back. Mom or dad can do the first wipe, but have your daughter try and do the second, and third, and fourth, and you get the picture.

Best Potty Training Tips:

Tip #1: Just the right amount of TP
Pull enough sheets to reach from your wrist to your elbow. After you have the right amount, have her fold the sheet to cover her palm so hands always stay clean. Then proceed to instruct her to wipe front to back.

Tip #2: A clean sheet means a clean behind
Always have her check the paper after wiping. If it is not white and clean, it’s time to wipe again. Grab some Charmin Ultra Strong and repeat step 1 until that TP is white and clean! After #2, Charmin FreshMates can help her finish up. But still remember to have her check if the flushable wet wipe is clean before leaving the scene of the crime.

Tip #3: One last mirror check
Some kids find checking their cheeks in a mirror helpful to really make sure they are clean, which is always encouraged. If they’re all clean, you’re good to go. But not before you have her wash her hands with soap and warm water. Have her sing the ABCs while she washes to make sure it’s been long enough.

If you want your daughter to follow along to these tips, print out our Wipe, Wiggle, and Wash eBook!