Poop Puns From Poop Experts

Stand up comedy stage with mic, chair and a poop emoji on top
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To outsiders, the toilet paper industry might seem like a funny business. Well, it is. People in the industry certainly put the “funny” into the business of doing one’s “business.” The butt of our jokes? Actual butts!

Poop puns, toilet humor, potty humor and bathroom jokes – Charmin’s got them up the wazoo! This wealth of bathroom humor gems deserves to be shared. Some of them may be real stinkers and of course, some of them are corny, but perhaps one of them will bowl you over?

Enjoy this roundup of funny toilet jokes and of course, enjoy the go!

Poop Puns:

How do you get the bathroom unlocked in a hurry? With a doo-key.