Kids Bathroom Ideas and Décor

Bathroom decor ideas for creative kids
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Whether your child is a toddler or a big kid, the right bathroom décor will help him or her learn, stick to, and enjoy their personal care routines—from going on the potty to washing their little hands afterward. When it comes to kids bathroom ideas the key is to make your kids bathroom décor fun and inviting, as well as practical and simple.

Right bathroom decor for creative kids

Bathroom Ideas for Kids to Enjoy:

1. Start with a theme and go from there
Does your child enjoy animals? Cars? A certain cartoon? You can let all your bathroom redecorating ideas stem from that one theme—the toilet seat cover, the mat, the bathroom wall décor, you name it. For older kids, a more simple theme like a color scheme can work too. Plus, you can let them pick out some of their own bathroom decorations.

2. Optimize Their Bathroom Storage For Cleaner Organization
Order is key when teaching your children good habits. So when it comes to fun kids bathroom ideas and bathroom décor, remember to keep organization in mind. For example, bath toy storage with suction cup holders, baskets for toiletries, and quality Charmin toilet paper within easy reach.

3. Have The Right Tools for a Good Go
Did you know that you can get small plumbing fixtures to help your toddler or young child learn how to use the bathroom? Of course, not everyone can or wants to completely shrink the room for the kiddies. But even without such extremes, make sure your kid’s bathroom décor keeps their size in mind. That means including a step stool for the sink, a potty seat for the toilet, maybe a bath seat to make bath time more comfortable—you get the idea—make your children feel that their bathroom is their domain.

Kids bathroom wall decor ideas