Itchy Bottom Causes and Solutions

Itchy bottom problem causes
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Why does my butt itch & why am I irritated down there?

So many people know how it feels to be sitting there, squirming a little, wishing to be a bear backing up to scratch himself on a tree, and not an itchy bum sufferer sitting at a desk.

One simple answer is this – many people aren’t getting as clean as they think from their toilet paper. Not to get too technical, but…there may be a “leftovers” issue where the sun don’t shine. One study found that leftover poo is the cause of 50-75% of all itchy butts*. The digestive enzymes that do such a great job of breaking down food within our bodies can be itchy when left behind on delicate skin.

Besides the uncomfortable itch, irritation can occur from toilet paper that’s not made for sensitive skin, but don’t worry, there’s hope!

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What can I do to fix it?

For adults that have graduated from potty training, don’t worry! It’s not necessarily human error. It could be the toilet paper’s fault. Toilet paper irritation can happen if it’s too thin or if it’s too rough. The best toilet paper for irritation is a toilet paper with a drop of soothing lotion like Charmin Ultra Gentle!

If it your toilet paper disintegrates too easily, it might not get you fully clean. Once again, you will be left in itchy butt territory, scratch town, squirm city…you get the drift. The best toilet paper for getting completely clean is a thicker, stronger ** variety like Charmin Ultra Strong that will do a better job of de-pooing ***

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Okay…what if I’m still not getting clean enough?

If a fancy bidet isn’t available, or some kind of very private waterfall situation to keep you safe from itchy butt or toilet paper irritation… the extra oomph of a flushable wipe can help to get the job done. It makes sense that a pre-moistened wipe like Charmin’s Flushable Wipes will be extra effective at cleaning sensitive areas. When used together, a toilet paper for sensitive skin and wet, flushable wipes are like a team of irritation superheroes! That’s probably not a superhero movie you’ll see anytime soon, but you never know…

Of course, if toilet paper irritation and itching persists, there’s pain involved or you suspect something more serious is going on, please seek medical attention. **** However, if it’s the kind of itchy butt or irritations problem that can be solved by merely updating to the best toilet paper for getting completely clean, we’ve got ya covered.


**when wet vs. the leading bargain brand

***vs. the leading bargain brand

****Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to be a substitute for media advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions about a medical condition, if your symptoms persist, are more serious or are not related to cleanliness, please consult your doctor or other qualified health professional.