DIY Bathroom Ideas and Design Tips

Bathroom design ideas
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In some circles, the bathroom is called “the necessary room,” but we’ve found five bathroom decorating and design ideas that take it up a notch from merely “necessary” to “honey, can you watch the kids for an hour?”

Bathroom design ideas

1. DIY Ideas to Keep Your Reading Materials Close.
Decorating your bathroom means blending form with function, especially when it comes to small bathroom ideas, but snazzy bathroom décor doesn’t mean you should be bored. Whether it’s the latest novel or your husband’s favorite catalogue, the whole family can stay satisfied with this handy tip: screw a magazine holder onto the back of your cabinet door for ease of reading without the eyesore. Now the whole family stays happy, while you don’t feel like a librarian.

Fashionably Organized bathroom wall decor

2. Accessorize Your Bathroom to Stay Fashionably Organized
Staying on top of all your DIY bathroom ideas can be tricky, but you can accomplish a lot with your bathroom wall decor by writing your To Do list on a bathroom chalkboard. Using special chalkboard paint, you can create a chalkboard on the wall by your toilet. Nail a piece of string to the wall and tie a piece of chalk to one end. Then get to work on that To Do list. You’ll have a moment to reflect on all you’ve accomplished if it’s right there in your bathroom. Pro tip: put “go to the bathroom” on your list and you’ll always have something to check off!

3. Don't Miss A Beat With These Convenient Tech Accessories
Watching your favorite show while on the throne used to cost a princely sum and was out of reach for most us. Well now these more modern bathroom ideas are within reach – literally! By installing simple clothing hooks on a wall adjacent to your toilet, you can prop your tablet device for an easy view from the loo.

Tech accessories for modern bathroom

4. Smart Ways to Keep Your Entertainment Clean
For the more clean conscious among us, there’s always this handy trick: throw your smartphone or tablet device into a plastic bag to keep it free from germs and moisture! Especially handy for the larger and possibly more chaotic household, this way you won’t have to worry while you watch.

Small Bathroom design ideas for toilet paper roll

5. Essential Roll Holding Solutions So You Never Run Out!
NOTHING is worse than being caught off guard with low TP supplies. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t always be aware of where your stash stands. With this tip, your toilet paper stock can be much more than practical; it can also be a chic style addition! Simply add your rolls of Charmin to a vintage basket or bucket for awesome style and instant awareness.