Charmin Sustainability Promise: Go Beyond

At Charmin, we want to help you Enjoy the Go, but in a way that maintains healthy forests for generations to come.

We are committed to helping keep forests as forests. It's why we:

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Charmin Sustainability FSC Certified

We only use pulp certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and support FSC® in their work to increase adoption of FSC products. These standards ensure that we are protecting wildlife and contributing to thriving local communities.


Charmin Sustainability Regrow Trees

We regrow two trees for every tree we use by working closely with our supply chain and nonprofit partners to match the current and future mix of trees in a forest.

Charmin Sustainability Arbor Day Foundation

We partner with organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation to fund forest replenishment in areas devastated by natural disasters like wildfires.


Learn more about our responsible forestry commitments here.


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