Hi! I’m Steve from Chicago. I feel I should represent Chicago because I happen to know everything there is to know about Charmin®. I know it was invented in 1928 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I use Charmin to wipe my bum. I use Charmin to blow my nose. I even like to put Charmin in my socks in the wintertime when it gets cold, which then keeps my feet warm.

What does “Enjoy the Go” mean to me?


I Enjoy the Go in this room.

I Enjoy the Go with this (unintelligible).

I Enjoy the Go on this TV.

I Enjoy the Go with a DVD.

I Enjoy the Go with this cat.

I Enjoy the Go with these rats.

I Enjoy the Go on this bed.

I Enjoy the Go, that’s what I said.

(song ends)

But really... Enjoy the Go is just about being able to relax and catch up with some homework... I hate fractions... make that important business phone call... Bob, you’re fired!... or even just being able to drink a nice cup of tea... (slurping sound)... And of course, you always want to wrap it up with something strong and comfortable. And I know what you’re thinking: This is not Egyptian cotton nor is it some rare type of silk; it’s the next best thing... Charmin Ultra Strong!

If I were selected to be the Charmin Go Nation King, I would best represent the fine city of Chicago by traveling across the nation, being my charming self, distributing Charmin to the homeless and the needy. Simply because I think everyone, no matter who they are, deserves the chance to Enjoy the Go. Thank you.