Meet the Bears

Meet the Family

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Molly, The Mama Bear

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“I love pampering...more

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“I love pampering my three baby bears. Well, and the big one, too. Leonard is such a kid at heart! We’re just like any regular family—always on the go, so I keep plenty of Charmin® stocked at all times.”

Bill, The Oldest Son

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“A lot of kids...more

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“A lot of kids don’t say this, but I love school. My favorite class is science. Maybe I’ll be a doctor one day, or a marine biologist. I can’t decide! Maybe Dylan, Amy, and I can all work together one day. Look out, world!”

Leonard, The Proud Papa

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“Like most guys...more

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“Like most guys, I like pretending that I’m the big bear of the house. But I know Molly is the bear in charge. We’re an awesome team, and we love to play games, watch movies, or grill out with our pack. We find time for family getaways, too. My road trip must-have? Charmin MegaRoll.”

Dylan, The Youngest

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“Don’t tell my...more

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“Don’t tell my brother and sis this, but I’m the favorite bear. I’m cute and funny, and I love to keep everyone laughing. Shhh, I put a frog in my sister’s bed today. When I grow up, I want to be big and strong, just like my daddy.”

Amy, The Middle Bear

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“Some might say I’m...more

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“Some might say I’m the family’s little princess, and I agree! I love dancing, playing dress-up, and all things girly. Dylan likes to think he’s the favorite, but I know we’re all Mom and Dad’s favorites. One thing is for sure, though. I’m by far the prettiest.”

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Meet the Bears
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